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Jan. 4th, 2012 07:03 pm
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Hello and welcome to the mod journal for [community profile] tvk. We're currently working to improve the game and consider all of the feedback addressed towards us. Please note that the mod team doesn't pay attention to any critique left in various anonymous communities, so if you have something you'd like for us to address, leave a comment here. You can bring up any issues with players, staff, or game rules as well as any suggestions you think would be beneficial to the game here. Comments are screened initially for privacy and IP enabling is disabled.

If you require an invite code for account creation, please visit this post.

If you are looking to contact a mod individually, please visit this post.

If you have any questions that aren't covered in our FAQ, please ask them on this post.

[3.1.2012] We are looking for characters for ATP.
[3.2.2012] Our February activity check is now in progress.
[3.2.2012] Assorted game updates!
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[Every new arrival to Prospero owns a key. Along with their phone and their Arcana card, it is one of the four things all Persona-users have in common.]

[The fourth thing is an assigned living space, whether it be in the hotel or in student dorms. And when the key is brought near the door of that specific room, a new keyhole appears as if expecting it. Opening the door with this key instead of the standard one results in the entrance leading to another place entirely...]

[Welcome to the Velvet Room. Sit down, make yourself at home. The long-nosed master of this room and his assistant may not answer all your questions, but they are more than willing to speak to their visitors all the same.]

[ooc: Catch-all Velvet Room post--if your character wants to speak to the inhabitants, here's where to go.]


Jan. 5th, 2020 10:34 am
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Mar. 20th, 2012 10:57 pm
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Has your character received the opportunity to have a regain? This is the post in which they can redeem it. All characters will be listed per event/dungeon run/plot if they are eligible for a regain. We ask that all players fill out this form and wait to be approved before posting as though they have the item in game.

Mini FAQ regarding regains )
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This post will be updated (hopefully) at the beginning of the month with all of the events that are coming up in Prospero, as well as the weather. This month's is posted a bit late and for that I apologize.
MARCH 1; Activity check starts
MARCH 10; Activity check ends
MARCH 15; Test-Drive' meme
MARCH 16; Shakespeare's Masquerade (Player)
MARCH 17; Saint Patrick's Day Parade (Player)
MARCH 21; Full Moon Event (lasts only one day) | Regains
MARCH 24; 'How's My Driving?' meme
MARCH 24-26; Ryuunosuke's Day Out (Player)
Weather throughout March will be in the low 40's - 50's during the day with light flurries that don't stick for long. Often at times there will be rain and cold wind from the north. The snow seems to be be melting a bit, but hardens back into ice over the night as the temperature drops significantly. Many characters during the Dark Hour might find it too cold to go out and fight. After the 21st, the ice will melt fully and spring will have fully arrived.

If you would like to submit a player plot to be added to the calendar (this could range from small things to large things), please fill out the following form:
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If you would like to change your current Persona, please fill out the following form:

Please note that it is impossible to change your character's Arcana and we will not allow Arcana changes without a re-app. Make sure your new Persona fits under the proper Arcana or else it may be declined.

Once approved, your character will lose 20 levels along with gaining their new Persona. You will need to comment to the Persona Registry as well as the Taken Characters List with the new changes.
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0. Fool
- Korra ([personal profile] avatardealwithit)

I. Magician
- Beatrice ([personal profile] golden_witch)
- David Xanatos ([personal profile] just_as_planned)
- Izaya Orihara ([personal profile] parkouring)
- Kaoru Kiryuu ([personal profile] breatheinthefog)

II. Priestess
- Jupiter ([personal profile] cosmicsoul)

III. Empress
- Saori Nakagawa ([personal profile] needsteaplz)
- Sheryl Nome ([personal profile] the_galaxyfairy)

IV. Emperor
- Sanaki Kirsch Altina ([personal profile] trueempress)

V. Hierophant

VI. Lovers
- Aengus Óg ([personal profile] smothersome)
- Eater ([personal profile] harpbeat)
- Lucia Nanami ([personal profile] forgivethemtheirpain)

VII. Chariot
- Alejandra "El Demonio Rojo" Herrera ([personal profile] demonicname)
- Archer (F/ E) ([personal profile] yewbow)

VIII. Justice

IX. Hermit
- Gaignun Kukai ([personal profile] namedforcat)
- Kirito ([personal profile] blackwyrm)
- Ledah Rozwelli ([personal profile] gaveupfeeling)

X. Fortune
- Rider ([personal profile] hellburner)
- Sakurako Shiina ([personal profile] lunch_ticket_millionaire)

XI. Strength
- Issei Ryudo ([personal profile] unknownrival)
- Madoka Kugimiya ([personal profile] kugimin)
- Shizuo Heiwajima ([personal profile] antiviolence)

XII. Hanged Man
- Assassin (F/ SN) ([personal profile] monohoshizao)
- Rider (F/ SN) (user name="breaker_gorgon">)

XIII. Death
- V/V ([personal profile] heavenscorpse)

XIV. Temperance
- Applejack ([personal profile] downtoearthpony)

XV. Devil
- Ryuunosuke Uryuu ([personal profile] kindofademon)

XVI. Tower
- Lancer (F/ Z) ([personal profile] croibhristeoir)
- Margulis ([personal profile] misplacedxsheath)
- Neah Walker ([personal profile] toruin)

XVII. Star
- April Sinclair ([personal profile] technologic)
- Setsuna Kai ([personal profile] demi_devil)

- Caster (F/ A) ([personal profile] stagecontroller)
- Devola ([personal profile] devola)
- Zett Takajo ([personal profile] scentofmakai)

XIX. Sun
- Leanne ([personal profile] flighthearted)

XX. Judgment
- Allen Ridgeley ([personal profile] want_a_vacation)
- Ein ([personal profile] ecthelion)
- Mila Kawena ([personal profile] papermache)


Jan. 16th, 2012 03:29 am
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Prospero City Hall
As in most locations, this is where the fine public servants of the island work to ensure the city runs smoothly and without incident. It functions like a well-oiled machine, giving the appearance that the finely crafted building is carefully maintained in personnel as well as architecture. But that is only during time in which normal people are alert and aware. In the Dark Hour, the building turns into Caliban, the nest of all Shadows.
Yulia Marinos
A woman in her mid-30s with long brown hair and sea-blue eyes, the rarely-seen but oft-mentioned mayor of Prospero is scarcely outside her office. In all appearances and rumors, she is a workaholic who runs a very tight ship, keeping everyone and everything under the building's roof in check and under control.

The source of all Shadows. Caliban is a tower appearing in the Dark Hour where Prospero City Hall stands at all other times, outwardly comprised of eldritch geometry and radiating an intimidating aura. The interior seems to be far larger than it should be capable of containing; each labyrinthine floor filled with Shadows. There are a number of items to be found within it, and the tower seems to be divided into blocks as one goes higher: each approximately ten floors, the blocks are populated with progressively stronger Shadows as one ascends. Five blocks are currently accessible, with the path to higher floors barricaded.

Katsaros Weaponry
The small shop owned by older sister Darcy and staffed by younger sister Eileen, the main source of items used in self-defense can be found here. The inventory varies in quality and type, and while nothing is of high quality or expertly crafted, it seems enough to handle Shadows and priced cheaply. Miscellaneous items found within Caliban can be sold here or traded for weaponry in place of cash.
Eileen Katsaros
A blond girl around eighteen years old, Eileen manages the store herself. Despite her age, she's very knowledgeable when it comes to weapons; she enjoys matching her customers to what would suit them best. Additionally she pays very close attention to detail, keeping stock of inventory by hand in notebooks. She seems to see nothing unusual about a store exclusively selling weapons, and she doesn't ask why such a variety of people need them.

Prospero Police Station
Even in such a seemingly tranquil city, residents need a force to keep order. Prospero's police department headquarters is a laid-back and quiet place, not very well equipped to deal with large-scale incidents. Currently the biggest event is just a few small mentions regarding a spree of pickpocketing incidents committed by a pink-haired suspect.
Darcy Katsaros
The receptionist at the station's front desk, and the owner of the weapon shop staffed by her sister Eileen. In times when there's no one coming in and little to do, Darcy can be found occupying herself behind her desk with a book. Often disinterested in things she doesn't believe require her attention, she is nonetheless helpful to those in need of it and honestly invested in the police's purpose of enforcing justice.
Officer Robert Harrison
A little blunt at times, but helpful to those in need of it. He gives the impression of one who looks far more serious and stern than he is, especially considering his devotion to the residents of Prospero--both native and foreign. If anyone approaches him asking for help, then he'll go to any possible length to be sure they get it one way or another.
Detective Frederick Gabriel
With his disheveled appearance, this detective seems like an incompetent and scatterbrained individual. The latter he may be, but the former not so much. Though he's often busy and sometimes tripping over his own feet, Detective Gabriel will give helpful advice when necessary--surprisingly, he's much smarter than he acts.

The Velvet Room
An ethereal location that is at once somewhere and nowhere, both dream and reality. The Velvet Room is open only to active and potential Persona-users gifted with a Velvet Key; that is to say, all newcomers pulled into Prospero. Here one can receive helpful though cryptic advice and encouragement, thought its residents are not known to intervene in anything directly. They are observers above all else, watching over those in Prospero and the actions they take.
Speaking rarely, Igor is a long-nosed older man in a suit who perpetually sits with folded hands at the Velvet Room's table. Though his appearance is striking at best and frightening at worst, he never has anything to offer but heartfelt words of welcome and encouragement.
Elizabeth is...strange. Strange even in a place as surreal as the Velvet Room. Her too-pale skin, silver hair, and eloquent speech (which still manages to get a few words wrong) are all indicators that she is something not entirely of this world. Yet she is very intrigued by all the Velvet Room's guests, taking an almost personal as well as professional interest in seeing them progress down whatever path they may take.


A somewhat small bookstore owned by Diarmuid Ua Duibhne ([personal profile] croibhristeoir). It's a mostly quiet place, located in the shopping district. 'Leathanach' is Gaelic for 'page', renamed such by Diarmuid himself. If any newcomers to Prospero find themselves in immediate need of a source of income, this might be their best bet--or at least the most welcoming.

The Golden Hind
A famous galleon often seen sitting in Prospero's westernmost port. The Golden Hind is owned, operated, and populated only by Rider ([personal profile] hellburner). Trespassing upon the deck without the captain's permission is ill-advised and punishable by a pistol-whipping. Occasional loud music can be heard from a radio kept on board, and fireworks may sometimes be lit off from the deck.

Castle Wyvern
A large castle sitting in the high-income area of the Residential District that is the home to David Xanatos ([personal profile] just_as_planned). On the outside, it looks like either a restored or immitation Scottish castle, but inside it's fully modernized. Guests are usually welcome in the courtyard and front hall, but everywhere beyond that is locked under the explanation that it's his personal living space.

Gourd Rock
A large, oddly-shaped boulder off the coast by one of the more popular beaches. Kiryuu Kaoru ([personal profile] breatheinthefog) brought it in with a regain wish out of spite for the civilians' retroactive memory to see if they would think it was there all along. Predictably enough, they do. It now sits there, being a rock.

Saori's ([personal profile] needsteaplz) tea house is located between the hotel and the old location of Caliban in the business district. Mostly open from early morning to early evening. There's a small sitting area outside where there are several rose bushes. Inside there's several tables and a few booths to sit down. The shop specializes in non-alcoholic drinks, a rather large collection of teas, and snacks/light meals.
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These Persona have been claimed by players already in-game. If there are duplicates, it's due to mod mistake and are not permitted in any other situation.

Last Updated: January 18th, 2013
Ao Run
Black Rider
Cu Chulainn
Kyubi no Makami
Little John
Maneki Neko
Pyro Jack
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This is a list of persona that are used by characters in the Persona series of video games. These persona can only be taken by the characters that use them. Such as only Fuuka from P3 could take Lucia or Juno. If you think a persona should not be on the list, or that we have left a persona off the list, please contact a mod.

The List )


Jan. 4th, 2012 06:17 pm
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You may choose eleven skills for your character's Persona. The first skill is given at level one and each additional skill is gained at the next level that is a multiple of ten. For example, you can start a Persona with Agi, at level ten give them Agilao, at level twenty Cleave, etc. Remember, all Personas start at level one!

Fire skills )

Water skills )

Wind skills )

Earth skills )

Ice skills )

Lightning skills )

Nuclear skills )

Almighty skills )

Holy skills )

Dark skills )

Slash skills )

Strike skills )

Pierce skills )

Healing skills )

Status recovery skills )

Stat increase skills )

Stat decrease skills )

Status inflicting skills )

Analysis skills )
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Looking for information about The Velvet Key? Here’s a great place to start. Maybe you’re just taking a peek for interest’s sake, or you’re an old player just wanting to brush up on some aspects of the game; whichever case this guide will provide you with some basic information on the game and links to various pages of importance.

First, please take a look at the Rules and the FAQ. These should answer many questions new or potential players might have. If not, and if this guide still doesn’t clear up those questions, please either leave a comment to the FAQ or contact a mod.

Where is my character?

In Prospero, an island off the coast of the continental United States and home to a small but steady community. There are several locations around the island that may be of interest to your character. There are also many lodging opportunities, if they choose to take them.

What about the citizens of Prospero?

Prospero has a few important people around the island that may pose interest for characters. They will appear in the main comm from time to time and if asked by players, can be used for personal plots. There are many, many other people living in the small city. These NPCs are everything from students to shop workers to families to teachers, and they can be used for any purpose without needing to inform the mods.

I’m interested, where do I sign up?

If you’re still considering the game, great! Please visit our Applications page. First you may want to look at our Taken List and Reserves to make sure you are not applying for a character already spoken for. You should also review the Compendium for descriptions of Arcanas and to find a suitable Persona for your character.


Jan. 4th, 2012 05:00 pm
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»What happens to a character's supernatural abilities (aka: powers)?
Upon arriving in Prospero, they become completely human complete with losing all supernatural abilities. Skills that can be retained by memory are kept such as martial arts combat and higher intelligence levels. Examples of supernatural abilities lost are things like telepathy, magical blasts, the ability to transform one's skirt shorter, and flying. If your character needed those powers to survive, whatever ails them will be fixed. So if your character was a mute that only spoke through telepathy, you're free to allow them the ability to speak again. If you feel as though there are any complications with that, please contact one of our mods to discuss it further.

»What if my character isn't humanoid?
Characters will arrive in Prospero with a humanoid form if the character is a creature not found in nature. If your character was large or tiny in their canon, their size will adjust to a more "normal" one. If your character has non-humanoid physical features, they will appear only during the Dark Hour. This is left to player discretion. So if your character was originally a dragon, they will be a "nerfed" form of that state during the Dark Hour. It should be noted that their special abilities are still gone though. So no flying dragons.

»What if the Arcana I want to play from is locked? What if someone else has a Persona I think would be best for my character?
Then we ask you choose another Arcana or Persona. The Persona go on a 'first come, first serve basis' and will only be available when the character using it drops or changes their Persona. Arcana may be taken off the available list if we have too many characters apping in under it. Since the Arcana represent a person's journey through life, we are confident that another Arcana can be used as a suitable replacement.

»Can I create my own Persona?
Yes. Originally it was so long as the Persona was based off a mythological, religious, or folklore figure in any medium, but it has been modified to be less restrictive. So long as the custom Persona is reasonable, it will be accepted. Remember mods must approve any Persona before they can appear in game. Some Persona are restricted due to canon reasons, but their models/names can be used as custom Persona in certain cases.

»Are the Persona's powers only usable during the Dark Hour?
No, Persona can be summoned and used at any time you wish. However, Persona and their abilities are "invisible" to the normal citizens of the world. They will not react and any ability used on a natural citizen will always miss/fail to work. Any physical damage caused will be fixed by the next day and forgotten by the populace. Do note that using a Persona any time other than the Dark Hour is more taxing: abilities will cost more and generally wear out the character at a rapid rate.

»How does a character summon a Persona?
This has been done in a few ways. The most common is just to think of them or ask of their aid: they will come when summoned. Sometimes they might get disgruntled or be released upon a character wishing for some help in a dire situation.

»Can I change my Arcana or Persona?
You are free to change your Persona using this post, but it will come at a 20 level reduction. If your character doesn't have 20+ levels on them, then they can't change their Persona. Characters are only allowed to change their Arcana with mod permission and will have to contact one of the mods personally in order to initiate a change. This will only be permitted on very dire circumstances such as in-game events rapidly changing a character beyond their path.

»Where can I sign up for a Persona?
You can sign up for a Persona by visiting the Persona Registry post. Please try to pick a Persona quickly so that it can be added to the Taken Characters List.

»How does leveling work in this game?
Levels are kept track by the players and are reported in at every Activity Check for consistency's sake. How many levels your character's Persona gains depends on two different things: training and full moon events. The minimum a character can gain, regardless of level or training, is one. This means for every month they are in game, that character's Persona gains at least one level. The levels possible are as followed:
Levels 1-39: Gains up to seven levels a month, depending on the amount of training/fighting done. Gains three levels from participating in Boss/Moon Events.
Levels 40-69: Gains up to five levels a month, depending on the amount of training/fighting done. Gains two levels from participating in Boss/Moon Events.
Levels 70-100: Gains up to four levels a month, depending on the amount of training/fighting done. Gains one level from participating in Boss/Moon Events.
»What about events?
For the most part, all in-game events are related to the phases of the moon. Generally there will always be something for the days leading up to the Full Moon unless there's something larger going on. Events are planned based on player availability, which means during finals and other busy times, there will be smaller events. Regains are also rewarded through some events, so keep an eye out for that. During the Full Moon, there will be a boss event. It will be based on the Arcana of the Boss Shadow and will run anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Generally there will be enemy Shadows protecting the Boss Shadow: defeating those will cause it to die or run away. There may be an event in the future where characters will have to attack the post straight on. The logs posted will have several sections to it that include preparation before the boss (for parties to form), a general fighting thread, and an aftermath thread (for healing and other communication). Additionally, there may be a section for players to coordinate things or to handwave their character's participation if they feel they are lacking in time. These logs are run by the mods and may require some communication if a thread has been paused.

»What are these Social Links?
Every character has an Arcana and due to that, they have a social link that can be formed with another character. The wiki write-up for Social Links can be found offsite at the MT Wiki, but the general idea is that the higher a Social Link, the better benefits a character can receive. This means the more interaction a character has with another, the greater the chance of a rank up can occur. When two characters form a friendship or another form of a close bond, they are strengthened magically. The basic bonuses found for each Social Link and the level achieved can be found in the Social Link Compendium.

»How do you determine what level each Social Link should be?
Social Links are determined by players. It is advised you speak with the players of characters your own character is close to for a better idea of their understanding. Generally, the higher the number, the closer your character is with that person. Canon couples might show up with higher Social Link than they would have with someone they've just met. As the bonuses don't break the game too much, there's no restriction on it. However, if there are any signs of abuse with this feature, please report it to one of the mods so that we can handle it.

»What are broken or reversed Social Links?
These are two Social Link stages that don't provide any future benefit whatsoever. If a character had a Rank 8 Social Link with someone who dropped, they can still retain some significance of the bonuses, but are no longer able to strengthen it until they form a Social Link with another character of that Arcana. Broken Social Links can be determined in a number of ways: characters no longer being friends or dropped characters. A Reverse Social Link means something happened between the characters to make them dislike each other. There are currently no benefits rewarded to those with Reverse Social Links, although there may be something for them in the future. Please be cautious with what Social Links your character considers broken or reversed as it will take a significant amount of repair to fix those.

»Where does this game take place?
The game is set on a man made island off the eastern coast of the United States. The island, which consists of one large city, is known as Prospero. The island was created as a city-state over three decades ago by a former US Senator and once hosted a large business district. Most of the businesses disbanded or moved after an event just a few years after its establishment. The circumstances surrounding the creation of the island and the 'event' are shrouded in mystery as many of the records from that time have either gone missing or are unreleased to the public. Within the last decade people started moving back to the area and turned it into what it is today. While the city is large (the island is around 100 square miles), the population remains rather small. The populace doesn't notice the influx of strangers appearing to the island as they assume they are either travelers or have moved in intentionally from another part of the world.

»Where does my character appear when first brought into this world?
You can choose to have your character appear at any time in any place so long as it's on the island initially.

»What about my character's personal stuff?
Even if your character is from modern time, they will only arrive with what's on their person. It's possible to regain some of their belongings in the future through miscellaneous events. The regains post is here and can be used only when you've been informed your character has earned a regain. Additionally, your character has no official documentation related to them filed in this world.

»What can my character regain?
Mostly anything. All magical artifacts and items that have special abilities will be nerfed. Pets and familiars can be regained as well with certain nerfs too. All regains are mod-approved and are only granted through various events or special dungeon runs. Regains can be redeemed at this post. When a character drops, their regained items may remain in game if a player grants permission for it. Some regains may be confiscated by the government or other characters though!

»Where will my character live?
There is an old hotel that the characters are allowed to live at free of charge for as long as they wish. The hotel is owned by a unknown third party and is currently run by locals. Each character can get a few weeks worth of gift cards to various restaurants from the hotel staff. If questioned, the staff doesn't know anything about the owner or why the people are appearing. They only know they get paid to work here. Every character that lives at the hotel appears on the register there and their name will not be removed unless they officially check out. Characters are allowed to keep their rooms for personal purposes and still live elsewhere. Once the characters have earned enough money, they can move into homes, apartment buildings, and other places of residence around the city. School age characters can apply to live in dorms and will find their dorm fees mysteriously paid. However, characters living in dorms have a strict curfew and have to keep a C average in school. They cannot miss extended periods of school or keep pets. If they are found breaking rules, they may get kicked out!

»What about school or jobs?
There is an elementary, middle, and high school in the area along with a community college and a daycare center. Everything up to high school is free for characters to attend. There are plenty of jobs to be had - if it can be done in a modern setting, then assume your character can be employed. Characters can try to start their own businesses and hire others at their own discretion also. There are a few businesses that have hired a few characters already. They can be found at the locations page.

»What is the Dark Hour?
The Dark Hour is a special time of night that occurs at midnight. It serves as the 25th hour in the day and isn't recorded by any electronics as all of them are disabled save for character phones. The MT Wiki write-up has additional information. The Dark Hour is world-wide, but Shadows are thinned out the further away from the island. Regains appear during this time as well and are only unveiled to the character they are for. During this time, Shadows appear to attack characters and each unlockable block can be accessed. There's also a dungeon that characters can explore for additional training. As for the scenery, it's naturally dark with puddles of blood throughout the streets. The populace and any other non-playable characters are turned into coffins that can't be opened in any way. This occurrence also happens world-wide, so a character may find an entire city turned into coffins save for themselves if they are traveling.

»Can my character die?
Yes. Death isn't permanent here in Prospero. When a character dies, they are out of the game for at least a week unless an event indicates otherwise. Mod approval was required before, but that has been lessened due to the amount of murderers that have joined the cast. If your character is caught committing a murder by the police, they will be thrown into jail. Your character can break out of jail easily during the Dark Hour, but they will be sought out by the NPC's for a while (at least a month) before they forget and move on.

»What about canon updates/degrades?
You can update or downgrade your character's canon simply by visiting this page and filling out the information there. Once approved by the mods, you can decide for how long your character will be out. In the case of a downgrade, characters will be asked to come up with a reason for doing so. This could be explained in a number of ways, the easiest one being amnesia inflicted upon them with an error due to their Persona.

»Who are the NPC's?
A write-up of all NPC's can be found here. They are sometimes played by the mod team and are approachable should a character wish to speak with them. All NPC related threads should be approved by mods first so that they can be played out.

»Is there more information about the phones?
Upon arrival, characters will find a smart phone somewhere near their person. This phone is not only automatically updated with the numbers of each character in the game, but it does include their names if they are registered in the hotel or the student dorms. Additionally, it includes a bar with each name to indicate the level of Social Link they may have with that character. If they've never met or the rank is below 1, there will be no bar. There are a couple of applications on the phone that can't be deleted. They are:
Persona! - The latest app on the market, but strangely only available to characters. This means it has no reviews save for player-made ones. With this application, characters can view information about their Persona and the skills they have unlocked.
Free Gift! - Just as the app indicates, this one helps keep track of regains. Any time a character can redeem one, there will be a number there. Upon accessing it, characters will be informed that they can wish for anything they had back home. If there are no regains available, the icon can't be accessed.
Scary Shadows! - All the information certain characters have been gathering on the Shadows is now available in neat app form. Every Shadow listed here can be viewed for in-depth information.
Characters are free to create their own apps and share them among other characters should they have a high enough level. As for hacking the network - it is possible to do so should a character have the skill necessary, as well as a high spiritual level. These phones are linked not only to the Persona tied to the character, but the Velvet Room as well. There's also an anonymous feature, but those who are skilled enough are able to track the original source easily. These phones are capable of sending photos, video, audio, and text messages, as well as attachments of various sorts. By default, all calls are considered locked unless you ask a player if you can threadjack/overhear it. Skilled hackers may find ways to lock their messages, but may be decrypted due to those who are more spiritual.

»Are there any other methods characters can use to communicate?
Generally if they can do it in the modern world, they can do it here. Characters can leave letters, packages, and the like with each other through the mail service or with the receptionist at the hotel. They can use outdated radios or handheld transceivers to communicate through the 24 hours that aren't the Dark Hour. There are computers readily available in the library (although restricted) and player-made networks can be created. There are bulletin boards found throughout the dorms and hotel, as well as a PA system in the school. There isn't a PA system installed in the hotel. Players are encouraged to have IC contact posts, but they are permitted to make private posts in the community to these characters as well.
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General Rules


Respect the other members of the game. We ask that you try to be civil to one another. This means that no character bashing or offensive comments should be present out of character. If there is a problem, please talk to one of the mods.

Out of character does not equal in character. Just because your characters are arch enemies, doesn’t mean you guys can’t get along. Remember that a character’s views don’t necessarily equal a player’s views. This rule also applies to information. If you know something as a player that doesn’t mean your character knows it.

Don’t GodMod. If your character is acting in a way that affects another, contact that character’s player. You are only playing your character, not anyone other player's character.

Any NC-17 material must be locked and under cuts with proper warnings! Sexual activity will not be allowed in-comm with characters that are under the age of 18. Take it off site or hand wave, please. Likewise do not play out sexual content with players under the age of 18. That is illegal. You can get both this game and yourself into major trouble.

Discuss plots beforehand. If you plan to run a plot that will affect a large group, let other players know about it. If you plan to run a plot that affects the course or setting of the game, kills off any character, or contains questionable content, talk to a mod first.

Activity Checks will be held once a month. To pass AC, you must have either: one post with that character, have responded to another character's log post that spanned at least ten comments, or
have responded to another character's main comm post that spanned at least fifteen comments. Activity will be based on timestamps instead of in-game dates so backdated material is acceptable so long as it's not abused (for example - using the same log/thread in AC more than once).

Posting Rules

The Main comm is for first person style. This is as if the character was the one talking, or writing. Third person descriptions can be used, but only if put in brackets or otherwise made different from the talking or text.

Post only once a day per character in the Main comm. This is to avoid spamming the page with posts by only one person. To be clear, you do not have to post once a day, but do not post more than that.

Specify the type of post or response. Are they texting? Shooting a video? Something else? You do not have to have it written in the subject line (though that is advised) but please let it be known somewhere in the post so other players can respond accordingly.

The Logs community is for third person style. This is where two or more characters are reacting to each other as though they were in the same area.

Tag your posts. When you are accepted to the game we will ask what you want your tag to look like for that character. This should be used to tag that character’s posts. You may also tag into another player’s post in the Logs comm when your character is responding. There should only be one tag per post in the main comm.

Rate log posts. Check the MPAA rating guide if you are not sure about the content of your post.

Posts are not filtered to more than 10 people. Please note somewhere within the post to whom the post is filtered to or from.  There may be exceptions to the rule if the character is unusually good with technology but that will require speaking to a mod first. Filters do not have to be used.

The OOC comm is for out of character posts. This includes things like introductions, announcing hiatuses, and general plot discussions. The Spam comm is for memes, and general silliness.


This game works in real time. AKA, one day in the real world=one day in the game world. However, back tagging is allowed and encouraged to help players with time constraints.

Your characters lose their home world powers and magic abilities. If it is impossible to do in the real world, it is impossible in the game world too. However, skills that can learned by normal people can be kept. For example, Superman can no longer fly, but Batman will still be a black belt in martial arts.

Each character has only one persona. Not even the protagonists from the Persona video games will be allowed to switch between different Personas. Once you get one, that’s that.

No one can enter dungeons alone. At least one other character must be there. No more than five can go into together.

No more than five floors are climbed in one night. The number of floors a group can climb is based on the number of people in that group. If three people go, three floors can be climbed. This does not count floors climbed on previous nights.